About My Photography

I've loved taking photographs since I was a child. My father had darkroom equipment and processed his own film and printed his own black and white images. I assisted with this process as early as grade school and began processing my own images in high school.

Distracted for a while in college while studying physics, I returned to photography in graduate school and during my first few years of employment by taking slide film images with 35mm cameras. This simplified the process at a time when I was busy with other things.

I returned to black and white darkroom work in 1988. At the time, I had been frustrated, for a few years, by the quality of the photographs I was taking on vacation trips. I had been doing a lot of hiking in the grand canyon and various mountain ranges in the west and didn't feel that I was capturing the beauty I was seeing with my camera. After seeing some beautiful images printed by a co-worker I decided to try larger format photography and purchased a used 6cmX6cm TLR camera and a used 4"X5" press camera. With these and various 35mm cameras I explored the bounds of my vision.

For various reasons, my photographic output slowed again in the early 1990's and it wasn't until I discovered digital photography that I began spending a lot of time with the camera again. In about 2004, I bought a little digital camera and I already had a computer so, with those tools I was able to start darkroom work again only this time it was a digital darkroom. Three years ago I bought my first digital SLR and I've been having fun ever since.